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NZWT® has started with the establishment of a School for a Deaf and Dumb in the Ghouri Town. The mission started with support from the local volunteers and some dedicated team members.



I and the person who looks after the Orphan and provide for him, will be in Paradise like this, putting His index and middle finger together.


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If You want to join this journey of hope, peace and love, So put your shares and keep the brick of your share in the foundation of NZWT. Please Donate generously today to help those who have fled their home: Act now to save lives.

We strongly believe that all the children have the right to an education and the same chance for a better future, irrespective of their background. To achieve this we tackle the education problem from all angles, ranging from overcoming initial obstacles such as illiteracy and a lack of local school provision, to funding students from poor backgrounds and providing vocational training for older people who are beyond school age. We have set ourselves the target of helping even more people become skilled and helping even more people out of poverty. Together we can. NZWT One-to-One Orphan Sponsorship Scheme is helping poor and needy deprived children . The Orphan Sponsorship Scheme is designed to assist orphans and their families in both the short and long term. A portion of your sponsorship money is given to the orphan and their family to help towards living and housing costs. Moreover, by enabling a child to receive a sound level of education you empower them to build for themselves a brighter future and to provide for their family too. There are however many other children who are in need of help and many other projects that help improve the lives of children.

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All orphans sponsored by the scheme are individually selected by the Management of NZWT. Only poor orphans (an orphan is a child whose father has passed away) are selected. A child’s age, family size and living conditions are also looked at to assess need. We enhance the lives of child through education in schools. Upon sponsorship we will send you an information pack with details of the orphan you are sponsoring, such as their age, circumstance, schooling, information about their community .In addition, NZWT will continue to provide you with annual feedback updates on the child’s wellbeing and school reports. Many children are waiting for your help Only (9000 Rs /- + 3000 Rs/- for education )12000 Rs/- (approx 65 dollars) per month is required for the sound level education of an Orphan and needy child to become an useful member of the society.

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No Experience Required, Just Enthusiasm If you want to join us in our war on poverty and share our hope to help improve the lives of others then you’ve everything you need to get started! If you have your own ideas on ways to help we’d love to hear them; People will often tell you that you can’t change the world. Possibly that’s true, possibly it isn’t. What we can do for certain is help people just like ourselves. Then maybe, just maybe, with enough of us onboard we can bring the sea of change that removes the unjust inequalities that exist and truly make poverty history.

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